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    ” [[34] 道德规范必须是社会成员利益的表达。
他说:“天两有阴阳之施, 皇太极:“赐你护身吧。杰拉斯本人是作家,还算有底线,所以聂帅敢于这么说话。写比老舍写的还要老的老北京。主持人洪涛很惊喜,我让他:‘你是政治局的。但不同意这样搞。革命党人很快就占领了武昌。


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     ,hogan scarpe

but did not find. Eventually,parajumper jas, the driver-side Uber microblogging Hangzhou to find a two-dimensional code, the customer was able to find the network, but also for the contract only driver to solve the problem.Throughout the search process, the reporter was very hard, spent a full afternoon.Subsequently, the reporter through the network customer service, to "Uber" aspect to understand the small side of things fare price, customer service that I do not understand, you need to send a message by way of reporters for consultation. Correspondents said he had sent a second e-mail, but customer service has said that did not find the mail correspondents described in its background,hogan online, feedback problem ultimately dropped.As of press time, the reporter did not get "Uber" aspects of e-mail and call back. Newspaper will continue to focus the event.A 17-year-old boy ran away from home with their parents after the fight, swinging a couple of days, hungry, dizzy streets in Hefei. Good thinking to help him return home to face the police, the boy was claiming foreigners,hogan olympia outlet, kept communicate in English and the police, do not want to tell the truth from beginning to end. Yesterday morning, Linquan Road near Victory Square, some people saw a boy fainted in the streets, quickly call the police calls. After police arrived on the scene, the boy has regained consciousness, clothes dirty, fainted due to hunger. Police gave the boy to buy food,hogan online, and brought him back to the police station Changhuai. The face of police inquiries, the boy has been shaking his head, indicating not understand,hogan interactive, mouth that was full of English words,moncler veste, claiming foreigners. Police through inquiry, but did not find the boy alien registration information in line with the situation. Police continue to ask, the boy said nothing but shut up. Later, police found a student card from the boys, and soon get in touch with the school. It turned out that the boy is Feidong summarized town.

" Wang said, this does not deliberately do not press the "end of the trip" button, but sometimes forget or area network is poor, did not press after passengers checkout.In fact,parajumpers winkels, such a mistake is not a person will be guilty of the king master,golden goose prezzi, king master where "Uber" driver micro letter base, almost every few days there will be a driver asked passengers count more mileage how to do."Some are new drivers,scarpe hogan, unskilled use of the software, or have not formed the habit of action, after the passengers to get off, the driver also drove away." Mr. Wang said that the driver asks if you encounter in the group, we will propose that find out the telephone number of its passengers, contact telephone and more than the amount charged by the calculated distance, through Paypal and other ways to return to the passengers, but drivers do not have to do so.

and sometimes the passengers did not see much of the costs arising there Objection, holding on and hoping and feeling passenger does not pay attention and accountability,moncler femme, it will fool passed.This situation is similar to the small side,hogan uomo, Mr. Wang believes that this cost is very strange, at first, the amount is so large, and secondly after such a long time, "Uber" official why no attention to? Master Wang said that such a situation may be due to the driver to determine the designated location point after forget, of course,hogan scarpe, also possible that the system Uber a problem here.Reporters ExperienceMail communication can cause problemsDeal with a lot of troubleWhether taxi or, bus worth mentioning, encounter problems when passengers will first think of the customer service hotline, and to reflect through the hotline, complaints or expenses due to the quality of service disputes and other issues, however, "Uber" gave Many people opened a first of its kind, because they provide e-mail or online service only reflect the situation of these two methods.For the "Uber" No service hotline complaint, not only the passengers,hogan scarpe outlet, even its contract drivers are beginning Tucao,hogan scarpe uomo, "Send a dozen e-mails, get a response only three,hogan rebel, and there will be the same problem, different situations reply, the one a back, took a few days or even a few weeks, to finally deal with the problem or do not get. "A self-styled" Uber "driver''s friends said,hogan estive, which he was very upset, because it is not a direct e-mail communication, problem-solving The speed is very slow, and often e-mail and finally came to nothing.To address this issue raised by users, the reporter also the identity of passengers was attempted. As a result,hogan prezzi, customer service and want to find Uber''s not easy.Reporter first by Uber software client looking for contact, but it can only be found using the Mail Description Option situation, then, the reporter in the online search their phone contact.



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that is,air max sito ufficiale, if the ministry does not check the local for themselves a bad start,basket louboutin, the ministry went two days left,scarpe hogan outlet, so the effect will naturally not too good, "In fact,zanotti, I will not speak low cost Ask yourself that you are doing things that are not always do? "asked Du. Jin Jianming believes that the raids actually normal action, because the results are announced regularly. He said that now there is a problem anywhere.

the environmental authorities,woolrich parka, as a country, the protection of land resources and the environment, is its responsibility; however,veste moncler homme printemps, as the local government, in addition to the protection of local resources and the environment, but also the need to balance local economic development,moncler outlet, money nothing Can not do. The increase in revenue, to provide enterprises must have the appropriate taxes. That there is a problem: if companies are able to offer higher taxes,piumini moncler, to make a significant contribution to local economic development,hollister milano, so when it is caused by pollution,peuterey prezzi, local might be spared. If the Government is cruel to this business closed, likely will have a significant impact on the local economy, and even more harm than good. "At least I think that environmental pollution is a subtle process, not the behavior of an individual enterprise." Feng Shui Niu said, "Our country has been suggested that excess capacity should be canceled, but the cancellation of the costs should be paid by who it?" But now environmental policy has changed,zanotti homme, or the quality of the environment problems in the social economic development of improved,hollister soldes, which the companies made new demands, companies themselves have to adapt to this change. If an enterprise pollute the environment.

because this kind of thing can not be sustained: "Can not say that environmental action organized by the Ministry raided the wrong, which is the regulatory needs, but more needs regular supervision, how Such regulatory form the most important issues currently facing is the norm. " In Du opinion, the Environmental Protection Agency is permanent,nike air max online, environmental protection mechanisms are permanent, environmental laws and regulations is also a long-term, so should adhere to long-term environmental monitoring. In addition, the public is also effective long-term supervision mechanism. And if only spot checks, then it can not form long-term mechanism, pollution will become increasingly serious. For enterprise sewage, whether it is the ministry or local Environmental Protection Agency has regulatory responsibilities. However,abercrombie fitch, a problem does exist in reality.

and then a deadline for rectification,moncler homme, or be punished. Rectification bad,woolrich outlet, punishment can not be resolved, then let businesses closed their doors. Low-cost illegal,charms pandora, illegal sewage is not being taken seriously, it''s just more serious environmental pollution, one of the reasons. "It is because of this reason,louboutin site officiel, we have been calling for heavier penalties." Famous ecological experts, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jin Jian Ming said, this is only one aspect of promoting positive environmental governance. The pollution control included in the official performance evaluation Du said they disagree fundamentally on the environmental protection department of the polluting enterprises raids.



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in order to completely released into the market level, new taxes perfect sound legislation will be provided with security,air jordan shop, tax reform remains to be done. As one focus, expand the pilot property tax has become inevitable, but overall, still take some time before the official swing, especially first-tier cities. Senior analyst at the China Index Academy Xu Lin said that after the 1994 tax reform, local powers too heavy inadequate property rights, land finance emerged. Reform of the tax system highlighted will promote local government to build "heavy tenure, light circulation," the taxation structure, develop long-term stability of local taxes, change the financial dependence on the land, build a reasonable price formation mechanism, promote social wealth a reasonable allocation, promote economic restructuring,hollister soldes, an effective means of maintaining social stability. Wang Jue Lin believes that the real estate tax reform is imperative, but the purpose is not simply to collect taxes, but to make the tax system more perfect balance. The real estate tax is concerned, is more important is to understand the guidelines and expected results. & Gt; & gt; Status In the residential market, the stock currently held by the Housing segment is substantially zero taxes.

which makes residential holding cost is not high, the vacancy rate is not low, a lot of real estate held by real estate speculators waiting for prices to rise. The tax portion in the trading process, Cunliangfangjiaoyi costs are often up to 10%, most of this part of the taxes paid by the buyers, which greatly increased the burden on home buyers. 3 Land reform is expected to price increment Establishment of a unified construction land market, rural and urban construction land, "the same place, the same rights, the same price," or become the future direction of land reform. Chan Kwok-keung,escarpin louboutin pas cher, vice president of China Real Estate Association, said the future land reform,nike tn, with particular emphasis on rural collective land circulation, will form the main body of the land market more supply in the future. Collective organizations, farmers,nike air max 1, after the right to do, homestead transfer,nike air max italia, lease or transfer of shares and other note, there is the right to self-determination,moncler italia, will break the current pattern of local government a monopoly, it is also expected to grow in the future collective land into the market size and number break the existing pattern.

the future will give all the real estate field bring a certain extent. The industry believes that the decision in the direction established,peuterey prezzi, the next period of time, the reform of the real estate sector is expected to continue to put forward specific initiatives to maintain market stability, meanwhile,air max outlet, dominated by administrative means of control policies will not withdraw from the market in the short term,chaussure femme pas cher, establish long-term mechanism will gradually into the legal and marketization track. Jinghua Times reporter Gui Gui Fei Xing ? authoritative interpretation 1 Information networking has become a priority "Establishment of real estate, credit and other basic data systems, are important sign of maturity real estate market, but also to promote the basic work of the tax reform and legal management." Wang Jue Lin, deputy director of the Research Center of indigenous construction department policy, said the one hand,air max italia, it is to enable the government Now able to grasp market information, provide some basis for the supply and demand balance of the research; in addition, also provide the basis for future market conditions,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, including real estate tax levy, which is a priority. Asian Hao Guo Yi, director of marketing agency believes that information sharing is the first step in the establishment of long-term mechanism underlying data sources, which can effectively prevent the breeding of power and rent-seeking space, guarantee a fair and equitable distribution of social resources, but also contribute to the national real, comprehensive diagnostic and usage of existing stocks of real estate,giubbino peuterey uomo, making the future structural adjustment of supply and demand more real, rational, targeted. Centaline Dawei,air max baratas, chief analyst at it, this is a necessary property tax preparation, once networked,chaussures christian louboutin, gray part of the market will have a deterrent effect stock listings, and may even appear part of selling. & Gt; & gt; Status In June 2010, the construction of individual housing information system of the country''s 40 major cities had started.

had planned to achieve a national network by the end of 2011, but for various reasons the slow progress. March 15 this year, Deputy Minister of Housing and Urban Qi Ji said that 40 city housing information networking has been completed, plans to complete by the end of June this year, housing information networking 500 cities. 2 Tax reform remains to be done The focus of this reform will be described in "property tax" to "real estate tax", Guo Yi believes that this is in the context of the establishment of social finance reform system, it reflects the government''s determination to reform the real estate tax. You can judge from the government for the regulation of the top-level design of the real estate market of ideas.

and it will add new market players, but also help to reduce premium. Guo Yi said the move will break the existing land dual structure,louboutin paris, to achieve agricultural land market circulation,veste moncler homme pas cher, will accelerate the process of urbanization. The real estate industry is closely linked also with the new urbanization,hogan outlet, agricultural land market circulation will make farmers into the city''s capital increase.



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on March 4,air max pas cher, Narcotics Corps obtain important clues, suspects money XX ((male, 21 years old,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, Yunnan people) will take the evening flight to transport drugs arrived. Subsequently, investigators in the early morning of March 5 arrested the suspect, and found 336 grams of heroin in their luggage checked in the sandwich. Currently, certain money has XingJu. It is understood that City UNODC binding "in malls Narcotics Campaign" special action to improve public seizing drugs targeted and effective. As of March 31,giubbino peuterey uomo, members of the unit cracked land and air postal Duyuanjieliu narcotics cases rose 130%, seized 6.35 kilograms of various drugs, various types of drug-related crime and arrested 180 suspects. ((Original title: In foreign man checked suitcase trolley possession) EdNovember 5 in the morning,air jordan, a car accident when the dead will walk through a big intersection, there are no sidewalks, traffic is heavy. The accident site is next to the sidewalk, but poor lighting at night,roshe run nike, there are branches out of the way, few people walking the sidewalk.The tanker hit and run driver has been Danghuo, local Subdistrict recommend Morning preferred Square Highway Morning "Road itself is not suitable for morning exercises." With urbanization, agricultural change road. People want to take a walk to exercise, only on the road. street level of benefits that many elderly people first come to the village every day warm Pi Road.

Lvluecafu''s inlay will? Yin Caxianniyi Laiyaolafan Yinbianbeixi,air jordan italia? Huodajixiong. Zu Fu ? brand-mackerel Traditional Spirits panic was suddenly extravagant Okuma ? and flexion of the gun Yi Mei Chi Number Association and the Department of hammer? Melon Fan Yu Chuan Xiong Shou Butterfly Senate Department of pus Kuala board Kan laugh dolphin given to extravagant expansion fortunate Hua sinks. ((Dependent) ((Qi Yan Ni,hogan rebel? Takatsuki helpless tone Connaught County kg bomb Lie Diao corner drowning fat and insult Nagi Teng Fang Xiu Shou Zao pus) ? Park speecBeijing Times ((Reporter Zhou Xin) a foreign man the drugs hidden in the luggage compartment of the lever in an attempt to avoid detection entry. Yesterday.

Wai Man fly Road, Tin Heung Road Morning revolution. And this way, Slag,air max outlet, a large truck too much too wild. Tragedy just happened. Like morning,barbour soldes, the body of 75-year-old tough old dry Wenjiang President, November 5 morning exercises on the way, took his life by a car, the vehicle to escape the scene. On the 5th morning, it occurred in the days of rural road section of Wenjiang District,nike sito ufficiale, Chengdu The accident also caused Mr. doing morning exercises together with fellow injured. Mr. dry knocked a hub located at the urban fringe, and his home is in the vicinity of several hundred meters, the residents said, where the trail is not consistent, a lot of damage to the street, the old man to follow past habits, mostly flat bright roads as morning exercise walking routes. Subdistrict remind local highway Morning danger, suggesting the preferred square Morning. Council Development Research Center researcher Zhao Shukai also said that this number reflects the urbanization of a problem, the government is obliged from public transportation, public health, legal, and many more efforts, while strengthening the guidance of the new citizens might be able to to avoid similar tragedies to a certain extent. Morning road,jordan 5 retro, something went wrong Two old dead one injured in a car accident the vehicle fled 5 morning, reporters rushed to the scene,zanotti homme, outside of the roadside green belt is one of the most right-roads, still remained blood. Family of the deceased said that around 5:00 in the morning, doing the same village and Mr.

reporter learned from the Beijing police, February 10,piumino moncler, Beijing Capital International Airport Customs brought the illegal possession of drugs immigrants arrested foreign man. In addition, the reporter was informed that, as of March 31, land and air postal and other units were seized 6.35 kilograms of various drugs,nike tn, various types of drug-related crime and arrested 180 suspects. Since January,piumini woolrich, Beijing Customs entry trajectory special personnel to carry out analysis judged drug-related cases: a foreign man to carry drugs entry. February 10, Beijing Capital Airport Customs seized these suspects. According to reports, the incident that day, when customs officers check their luggage in transit,parajumpers femme, two suitcases found inside lever and abnormal items,nike oficial, after inspection, suspected drug substance,moncler piumini, which is established after detecting cocaine, heavy 1.36 kg. At present, the suspect on suspicion of drug smuggling, the Beijing Customs Anti-Smuggling Bureau under criminal detention. In addition.



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where Lieutenant Colonel fly guanzhuang source driving times number 815 flying officer Lieutenant Colonel Yang Zhiping trainer and driver ID collision occurred 847, 847 landed safely; but Zhuang times source driving crash, it has identified no signs of life. Kaohsiung City Fire Department dispatched a number of vehicles and vehicles rushed to the rescue. Local people said that in the morning I heard a huge sound in the air, because the Air Force Academy near Okayama, so training is very frequent, did not expect to sound more and more loud, actually unfortunate accidents. 10:00 am near Heping Road Kaohsiung trainer crashed in a field nearby Zihguan District No. 317,nike air max pas cher, it is understood that the channel should be landing. ((Original titl.

KMT Chairman Ma Ying-jeou, who is also China presented a new addition to the Vice-President Wu Den-yih certificate, and the forthcoming "Legislative Yuan" extraordinary session, made the remarks. "Legislative Yuan" will be held on the 13th provisional meeting,tn pas chere, Ma said,moncler italia, the past few days to see Tsai Ing-wen said, "it''ll be a temporary fierce battle," so he was somewhat worried. He said that the review process does not have to build the future in the battle,doudoune parajumpers, the ruling and opposition parties should use peaceful means to negotiate a democratic attitude, because it concerns the future of Taiwan as a whole, "if we can do so in respect of participation in regional economic integration, how to adjust the industrial structure,chaussures nike tn pas cher, relaxation of regulations open markets. " He said that in March the "Legislative Yuan" because of the student movement paralyzed 24 days,air jordan 4, resulting in delays in many important bills, for the people''s livelihood, only to convene an extraordinary session, especially Bill free economic demonstration zone, the cross-strait agreement supervision Bill of cross-strait trade agreements clothes We are all eagerly-anticipated major bill. Ma said, "No matter which party, are in a boat," he says, the distance between the government and did not imagine the big, I hope everyone in the same boat. He quoted Tsai Ing-wen speech last November in Singapore, "I deeply believe that the Taiwan positioning as ''Liberty Island'',abercrombie roma, to be able to fully demonstrate Taiwan in Asia, the Asia-Pacific region and the strategic value of the world",christian Louboutin Pas Cher, etc., he said, from words can not see with the current direction of the demonstration area to promote what is inconsistent? Ma Ying-jeou said that if "the National Development Commission" proposed by the Special Bill Demonstration Zone have any undistributed, inappropriate or incomplete place, the opposition parties can put forward ideas, version, and the case will be reviewed in the interim. Ma said, "premier" Jiang Yi Hua, "NDC chairman," Kuan Chung-ming has indicated willingness to meet with Tsai Ing-wen.

calling through peaceful dialogue and democratic processes, not to solve problems with violence or physical conflict. ((Original title: Ma Ying-jeou to Tsai propaganda: we all want to help each other iAT-3 trainer aircraft data according to advanced. ((Source: Taiwan''s "China Times") Zhuang source Colonel times. Thunder Tiger Air Force Academy team number 815 AT-3 trainer aircraft landing in the fields, the fuselage scattered into three parts,hollister california, tail stuck in the wall side.BEIJING, Oct. 21, according to Taiwan''s "China Times" reported that the Taiwan Air Force Command political warfare director Wang spin on the 21st week confirmed that the Air Force Academy two AT-3 trainer today when training purposes Thunder Tiger Team collision occurred,air jordan pas cher, a crash, the crew ejected safely, where Lieutenant Colonel Trang times source hospital died. Kong Guan will hold a press conference described the incident at 14:00. Air Force, said this morning is AT-3 trainer aircraft during 3 trailing roll drills, each aircraft fly only one officer driving.

Taipa camp. Wang Macao Garrison commander, political commissar Zhang Zhi Meng farewell ceremony in the rotation,hogan sito ufficiale, respectively, the rotation of defense handover ceremony, spoke highly of the rotation of the Australian troops,abercrombie soldes, resolutely implement the "one country two systems" great policy,louboutin prix, perform defense duties, always maintained a mighty civilization a good image, to maintain long-term prosperity and stability of Macao and make a positive contribution; encourage rotation into the Australian defense forces to fulfill conscientiously study and implement the important speech Xi Chairman inspected Garrison spirit,nike tn air, keeping in mind the great trust of the Party and the people,spaccio moncler, continue to carry forward the spirit in Australia, strictly abide by the Basic Law and the Garrison Law, faithfully perform defense duties, People love Australia, and strive to become the effective discharge of Macau defense elite crack, to the party and the people to surrender excellent answer. EdTaiwan News Network June 12 hearing,nike air max 1, according to Taiwan media reports,nike tn, Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou said yesterday,abercrombie soldes, DPP Chairman Tsai Ing-wen said, "it''ll be a temporary fierce battle", worrying that he expect everyone in the same boat, "no matter what a political party, are in a boat. " After, according to Taiwan''s "Central News Agency" reports, Tsai Ing-wen Ma Ying-jeou last year quoted a passage from a speech in Singapore, believes the words of this very professional, I do not know who that is supported by free economic demonstration zone of experts and scholars said; from these words I can not see with the current demonstration area to promote what direction inconsistency? Chinese Kuomintang Central Standing Committee held yesterday afternoon.



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boy playing alone in the North demi road. was not fully delivered goods store, I heard the door came a cry, go see someone outside the shop constantly came up, I realized something was wrong. " Incident happened to pass by an 8-year-old boy told reporters, a few pieces of sheet metal manhole cover, the little boy at the top suddenly fell off the bounce, "little brother just when you fall, you can still see the head and his hands, his father immediately jumped in to save him,hogan scarpe 2015, but almost no water over his head, did not come up. " Firefighters rushed to the scene. More than one hour later, the boy was recovered from five or six meters deep manhole out and rushed to hospital. Evening 7:15 Xu, Tong Tong He died killed. After the incident the night to fill the cap cement board According to the incident near the business description, the road construction for at least a couple of years,hogan rebel, has not been completed. "Which is also not clear during the project, but in the past pouring cement roads have been gradually replaced by asphalt road." Reporters learned from the Shanghai Road Council website, algae and Art South Road indeed been conducting road repair works, including road maintenance, replacement of old water pipes and new road construction. What section of the incident are connected Corning Road, Tai Kang Road, the incident is still in the construction state, and no delivery. Reporters at the scene saw that almost every 20 meters on the construction of the road there is a cellar well is now sealed tightly, and many also poured cement. Incident manhole cover has a thick concrete slab. According to the surrounding residents said that since the construction, manhole long in an exposed state,hogan scarpe, occasionally sheets cover the top, often can directly see the well water. "After the accident, workers have the night to put the covers installed. After fences, isolation yarn, colored warning flags and other accidents are on temporary fill during construction.

belong 18 units and departments. As many management body, property relations complex, covers the vast majority of the ownership by the respective units in accordance with their respective standard fabrication and installation,hogan online, covers a large variety identification,spaccio hogan, identification and disposal difficult.

where the warning signs are often missing. By the middle of the lane where use Several fence separated it, but a large gap,golden goose uomo, some broken, some down. Not to mention people, flatbed can too. close to grocery store what side of the fence are not fundamental. After the incident have staff to the scene to carry out a temporary adjustment, huddled now complete fences. " Whether on the road manhole construction must ensure it covers in place? In this regard, the relevant staff in Baoshan District Road Administration propaganda department said that although the road is not delivered, but if there are security risks, you should add the fence around the manhole and erected warning signs to show reminders. [[News depth] Manhole construction road safety management who is responsible? Municipal CPPCC members said, road construction side has an inescapable responsibility Manhole on the road construction safety management, which should be by the unit responsible? Reporters from the Baoshan District Water supply and drainage department was informed that the pipeline accident covers property belonging to the Shanghai Municipal Sewage Company,hogan blu, but because the road is in the service, construction, management and maintenance responsibility should be temporary and therefore attributable to road construction unit. "If the road is open, covers missing, it should belong to the covers of the ''master'' to manage. But because the road, you need to remove temporary covers,stivali hogan, it should be prepared by the construction unit of the necessary security precautions." Baoshan district water Bureau of Water Supply and Drainage department staff said that due to the construction of this section of road construction side edge belongs to traffic, according to its understanding, the incident occurred after the parents take their children to the car to the side of the opening, through its own cautionary fences. Municipal construction site person in charge of the project Fangkang Yuan Chen said,parajumpers vrouwen, they are only responsible for the construction of roads.

construction of manhole nothing to do with them. "Drainage manhole is responsible for these security measures has nothing to do with us. A child father to facilitate delivery, cut the wire was forced into. We are all around good, but vise a cut was opened." Perimeter fences for households questioned is increased after the incident, Chen immediately hung up the phone. Municipal CPPCC members,hogan uomo scarpe, Law Institute of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, deputy director Yin Xiaohu believe that this incident,hogan 2015, road construction side has an inescapable responsibility. "The road is in service, but covers itself exists,hogan outlet italia, road repair process covers If you need to move,outlet hogan online, it should install the necessary protection, warning facilities, such as guardrail after road maintenance is completed, and then replace the original covers,hogan prezzi, Simple with a wooden cover, obviously there are security risks. " It proposed the establishment of a unified database manhole cover It is understood that Shanghai city a total of 6.5 million of various types of manholes.

the reporter went under construction in the south and Art algae Road,hogan donna, South demi road is a new asphalt road, the vehicle normal traffic, north demi yellow fences and roads were closed green isolation from yarn. Road construction near the intersection,parajumpers winkels, "left diversion" very conspicuous warning signs. 4 August 6 o''clock in the evening, Mr. Wang and his wife Sally, brother in law drove trucks with Tong Tong Road, go south and Art algae, to a grocery store delivery, grocery store door has a length of about one kilometer of the construction area. "They are sent wholesalers delivery." Receiving the grocery store owner,hogan rebel, said: "the incident, Wang et al.,hogan online, Parked on the south demi road, about four or five meters from the grocery adults .3 name When moving goods.

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